More on Creative Visualization

As I discussed in the first lesson, being able to let your body relax and not think about the kids, dog, dinner or what you need to do later is “key “. You need to train your brain to just focus on your relaxation. This process does several things:

1. Lowers the heart rate

2. Tapers off anxiety

3. Allows you to start to control your body and learn how to discipline your mind to create.

4. You will now start the process to see things. Images, colors, numbers and get messages from your Guides. You may even see your Guardian Angel, a deceased family member and your Spirit        Guide. There is no limit to what you can do.

5. The most important benefit of creative visualization is having control. You can now start to even heal your body if you so desire. I don’t need Novocaine when I go to the dentist. That’s because I have had years of experience with meditation.

6. When you have completed step one of the meditation process, have brought in the White and Green light and opened your chakras, just let yourself listen to the music and go.

If you find that you need a Guided Meditation to get you started, go up on and put “Cheri Mancuso” and “White Light” in the search window  on Amazon. You can purchase my White Light CD there for a nominal fee. My Guided Meditation will help you to begin your Creative Visualization journey.

If you don’t want to purchase a CD then just listen to any music that’s relaxing and try to let yourself go. Write down or record what you experienced during the journey and date your information. This way you can monitor your progress.

You can also contact me through this website if you have any questions or want additional guidance with my “Special” classes. our Next session will be on  Affirmations to the Universe and Manifesting What You Desire in Life and the ” Don’t’s” of Meditation and what to do if you can’t sit still or you can’t focus.

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