The Art of Manifestation Part 2

In addition to the cave paintings we have also discovered crude soft-lava sculptures of women with extended bellies and swollen breasts. These were most likely carved and left near the women in the caves in the belief that they, too, would become pregnant resulting from the constant influence from the pregnant-like sculptures. This is one form of manifestation. The paintings and the lava sculptures are attempting to employ the Principle of Magic by Contagion. That is to say that mankind believed that everything on Earth had a consciousness whether it was animate or inanimate. And when you remained in close proximity to any dissimilar object its consciousness (or vibration) would affect yours.

In a sense, we basically believe that there is a constant blending of consciousness here in the physical realm. So, mankind placed the paintings where they knew the Earth Spirit would pass by it and be influenced by its vibration. They believed that they were altering the consciousness of the Spirit by producing the painting which also had a consciousness. If you think about it, this is a very complex set of thoughts for a race of people who seemingly had very little technology and knowledge.

I believe that when we first gained sentience (became aware of our existence) an operating system was started up and is still running in each one of us. Carl Jung, the famous Swedish Psychiatrist, called this operating system “The Collective Unconsciousness”. He believed that this was the knowledge that is inherited by each one of us. That inherited knowledge is most likely the source of our innate practice of manifestation. Each one of believes in it and practices it every day of our lives.

Carl Jung went on in later years to discuss the creation of reality. He stated that reality was created in our minds first. He stated that by simply thinking something, its creation was begun. He also theorized that anything we could think of could come into being as a result. This can be explained by a second important principle. That principle is the Principle of Duality.

This principle runs our Universe entirely. It states that when anything is created its mirror image must be created at the same time. So the birth of our thought, which is non-physical, causes something physical to be created.This duality is obvious everywhere in the Universe. It creates action and reaction, up and down, in and out, positive and negative, on and off, male and female and so on.

(To Be Continued)


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