Every Business needs to have authenticity to be able to let people know that in a world of scam artists, there are the legitimate. I have had the permission of some of my clients to allow you to see the kind of accuracy I have had and continue to have. All of the testimonials are actual letters and emails I have received over the years. These range in subject matters of love, health, career, family issues and spiritual guidance finding hope for the future. Each one of us has some talent to share with the world. I feel very blessed to have the gift that I possess and am able to help people all over the world in many faucets of their lives.

I am privileged to have an opportunity to share my client’s lives of happiness and successes that they have been able to achieve with the direct guidance of my spirit guides!

Dear Cheri
Thank you for bringing clarity and direction into my life with your wonderful gift of vision. I can’t thank you enough for helping me see the truth in my marriage and family.
Melissa S.
Malibu, Calif.
Thanks Again

You have helped to save my sanity again! I needed the kick in the ole butt to get myself out of my rut. Your Guides sure know how to get to the point!! I wasted 10 years on that jerk and am so glad to finally have closure. Thanks a million. Til next time
Sandy L
Denver, Colorado
You said it and I did it!

Hi Cheri,
I just wanted to drop you a line and tell you how much you have meant to me over the years. You have become a spiritual advisor and a friend when I have had no one else to turn to. Thank you, Cheri


What a Gift!! You are so lucky to have your angels, you must have done something in a past life worth noting. Thanks for the advice on healing! I needed that.
Angelia P

My family and I want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all of your healing prayers that has helped our neice recover from her illness. If it wasn’t for your ability to see medical problems, we would have never taken her to the specialist that helped to save her life.
Thank you and your wonderful spirit guides,
Lisa M
Los Angeles, Calif

Dear Cheri,
I have never written to a psychic before but here goes. I wanted to let you know that I thought people like you were weird and wrong. I needed to tell you how grateful I am that you were sent to me. I saved my business because of your guides wisdom. You are a true corporate strategist! Thanks again,
Bruce B
Modesto, Calif,

I am writing to you in hopes that you are the psychic I saw in 1988. You told me I would become a private investigator at the age of 23 when I saw you in Woodland Hills. You also said that my brother would be needing your help and he does! You said you could help him! Please call me and let me know I have found the psychic that was responsible for changing my life. I am a private investigator with my own agency.
Newport Beach, Calif

Hi Cheri,

Do you remember me Lorene, from the Highlands in Pacific Palisades? I’m in Real Estate from the early 1990’s. I need to contact you again for another session. I have important decisions to make and want to tell you how right on you were. You were terrific! I need you now. Please contact me.

thanks so much, I’m still soaking a lot of our session in. However, it is amazing, you are amazing! I can’t thank you enough! I am hoping it’s o.k. to ask you what else I can learn from you? You had mentioned an itinerary that you can email me on your private classes. I am so excited. I’m anxious to hear back from you. Thank you again for making my first reading the greatest event.

Dear Cheri,
I can’t thank you enough for the fantastic reading. You were amazing. I was blown away by your accuracy and the fact that not one question was asked of me in the beginning of our reading. I have heard of you for years and never thought I could afford someone as respected as you. I now know the difference between a psychic 900 number and you. I can’t thank you enough. thank you, thank you.
New mexico
Hi Cheri,
You helped my mom years (1988) ago find witnesses to my brother’s murder. I have been dying to get a reading from you. When are you available? I would love one as soon as possible!
Hi Cheri!
Such a long time since we’ve connected! I think of you often and really wanted to share the amazingess that’s transpired in the last few years. I know you don’t remember your readings but I want you to know that everything you said happened and more…….

You said I was a physical medium. You also said I would do everything. I am now a psychic medium, healer, deep trance channel and co-own a Metaphysical Bookstore in Laguna Hills. My last name has changed because I also married that wonderful man you talked about. I didn’t understand the depth of my gifts when I came to see you. I want to express my gratitude for being the one to help me open initially. It was really hard but now I get it all. I have credited you on my homepage as being one of my teachers and will continue to do so through out my career. I’m starting to channel more publicly and even auditioned for an upcoming show on finding the best psychics in the world. You had said that I would either be a famous actress or a famous medium. I guess in the end I chose the spiritual path. Thank you, thank you Cheri! I was in so much pain emotionally when I first met you. My life unfolded and healing happened. I still can’t believe it sometimes.
Love and Blessings,

Hello Cheri,
I’m sorry about the late message. I’ve been doing so much reflection since our session on Saturday that I just couldn’t get things into words.

Please let John know I appreciated him joining us, and I really enjoyed learning more about dreams, the different states of consciousness, and his interpretation of my dream. I had a lot to think about after all of this information!

I have to tell you that all of this work has had a profound impact on me. I’m starting to see my thinking change and my inner confidence level is going way up! I’ve been struggling with all of this for years, and now it seems I’m finally getting it right. For instance, I have always had “bad Sundays” meaning I’m always depressed about the upcoming week. Living here on the East Coast I have been especially depressed every Sunday. The depression starts as soon as I wake up and carries all the way through Monday.

Except this time was different. I had no depression on Sunday nor any today. I’m completely shocked! I’m not sure if this is a one-time event or start of something new. I’m making the connection that the sessions with you are driving all of this, because trust me I’ve tried everything else!

Anyway, I did have 3 dreams and an interesting thing in meditation already over these past couple of days that I wanted to share with you. I’ll send them in a separate message, otherwise you’ll be reading all day.

Thank you so much for your help Cheri, and I am looking forward to our next session.

Take Care

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