What is Mediumship? – Continued

As I stated in my last post, there are many different types of Mediums. And there are many different interpretations of those different types of Mediums. Here are a few of mine:

  • Channeler: A Channeler is a person who acts as a “speaker” for spirit. They willingly allow spirit to “possess” them and speak to whomever is present for the channeling session. This phenomenon is known as a “walk-in”. The Channeler performs this type of Mediumship at a cost to themselves. Channeling Spirit is physically and mentally exhausting. Many people believe that Channelers and Mediums are one and the same. The argument for and against this concerns whether the Channeler is in an altered state of consciousness when the “walk-in” takes place.
  • Transmedium: A person who produces mediumistic phenomena of all kinds after entering a state of trance. This involves the producing of ectoplasm, body parts, musical instruments, ethereal images and noises from thin air. The Transmedium is “transporting” something temporarily from the ethereal realm into the physical realm. There have been numerous occasions where sitters in a “seance” have reported the appearance of arms, legs, faces and clouds of ectoplasm. Some of the sitters reported that they touched the appendages while they floated in mid-air and that they felt real.
  • Medium: A person, most frequently a woman, who communicates with spirits, usually on behalf of another person. There are several overlapping types of mediumship:
  1. Spirit Medium: This type of Medium communicates back and forth with spirits without going into a trance. Generally, they only receive information and do not ask for information from Spirit. This person usually has no control over when and where the communication takes place. For instance, they may warn you of some danger in the middle of a conversation with you and may identify the Spirit that communicated the information to them. For example, they may say, “Your Grandmother, Irene, who has passed over wants you to go home. Something is wrong there.”.
  2. Trance Medium: This type of Medium goes into a trance to communicate with spirits. They are not aware of what occurs while they are in trance and therefor, have no memory of the communication with Spirit. They do not make psychic predictions or answer questions for sitters who are present at the seance.
  3. Mental Medium: This type of Medium answers questions through Spirit as they are asked by “sitters” at a seance. He or she is completely lucid and does not go into the trance state to communicate with Spirit. They do not make psychic predictions.
  4. Psychic Medium: This type of Medium communicates with spirit in a lucid state and receives psychic predictions from the Spirit Guides of the sitter who is present for the reading. They may also come into contact with Spirit Guides or the Spirit of loved ones who are present for the person receiving the reading.

I fall into the Psychic Medium category, although, I am capable of doing Trance Mediumship. I do not perform Trance Mediumship because it is so physically exhausting and I worry about its affect on my health. I also worry about Spirit becoming attached to me as a result. I have had that happen in the past and it is a very uncomfortable experience. I do know how to unattach myself from the Spirit but I do not enjoy having it happen to me.

I also have other psychic talents that I will talk about some other time in another post.



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