The Art of Manifestation Part 3

Duality is running the computers that we are all using right now. We call it the binary system. Basically our computers are running on yes or no and 0 and 1. The most important aspect of duality in this discussion is that balance is being created constantly around us. If any one thing were created without its counterpart it would create chaos in our Universe. When we choose to manifest we have to remember that we need to create balance. It is incorrect to use manifestation to someone else’s disadvantage.

For example, if I manifest a pile of money in the middle of my living room I may have unwittingly created unbalance. Where did this money come from? Did it come from my neighbors or from the vault of the local bank? If so, I have affected those people negatively because I gain and they lose. That is incorrect manifestation.

Instead of magically creating it, I need to attract this money in a way that balance is maintained.  I will have to employ a law to correctly manifest this money that I need. That law is known as the Law of Attraction. This law is similar to Magic by Contagion. Here we attract things to us by vibrating around them.

Let’s say that I need more money to live comfortably. I cannot get a sufficient raise at work to accomplish this. So what do I do? I begin to manifest a new job that will pay me more money. Once I decide on the new job I simply immerse myself in it.

Let’s say I want a new career as a Stock Broker. I will walk, talk, eat and sleep the stock market. My friends will be sick to death about hearing any more about it because that’s my total focus. I will take courses that are related to the stock market and my classmates will become my good friends. They are also immersed in their desire to work in the stock market. Their stock-market consciousness increases the level of my stock-market consciousness and vice versa. I am now a stock broker by virtue of my immersion in it.

Eventually, I will attract the right situation that will allow me to work as a stock broker. And I did it without creating imbalance. I did it as a result of my action and of my firm belief that I would become what I desired.

The the most important element in manifestation is the belief that it will work.

(To Be Continued)


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