About Cheri Mancuso Los Angeles Famous Psychic Medium

About Cheri Mancuso Los Angeles Famous Psychic Medium

How Cheri Mancuso Came to be a Famous Psychic Medium

Cheri Mancuso

The Early Years: Famous Psychic, Cheri Mancuso, born on an Indian reservation in Salmanca, NY, at first seemed like any other ordinary girl growing up in the 1950’s. All of that changed one fateful summer day when Cheri had her first “vision” while visiting a favorite spot at the banks of the nearby Allegheny River. She saw herself as a young Indian woman tending to her children while they played in the river. It was so real that it remained in her memory always. Not until she entered Metaphysical studies years later did she realize that the vision was of a past life experience! Thus, was the beginning of a long journey down the road of Accurate Psychic Readings. A Spirit Guide had visited Cheri that day and had given her a glimpse into her past. More Spirit Guides would visit her in the years to come.

Cheri’s first verifiable psychic prediction came one Christmas Day at her Father’s apartment in Rochester, NY while she was visiting from her new home in Los Angeles. Cheri had a vision during her stay that her father would die in a car of a heart attack. Being distraught over her vision and not understanding what she felt, Cheri left for home the next night. Three weeks later Cheri’s father died in a car of a heart attack at the age of 46. He had never been sick a day in his life before.

Heartbroken and riddled with guilt over predicting her Father’s death, Cheri Mancuso Came to be a Famous Psychic Medium shut out her visions for many, many years. It remained that way until Cheriramirez began having nightly visions of the Los Angeles Area Night Stalker’s murders each night before they happened. She finally had to accept her ability and learn to control it. Thus, she began a 5-year study of Metaphysics that taught her to understand her psychic ability so that these visions would not be forced onto her at all hours of the night. Cheri’s popularity as a psychic grew overnight. Word spread about her amazing accuracy through the San Fernando Valley like wildfire! Whenever she appeared at the Metaphysical center where she studied, people lined up and waited for hours to spend a few minutes with her. A spiritual Star was born!

The Formative Years: Under the direction of a well-known Metaphysical instructor, Cheri learned how to contact her Spirit Guides and to interpret the messages they sent her through the use of symbols. She helped rid houses of unwanted spirits by contacting them, found missing objects and learned how to predict people’s futures. The day came when she felt that it was time to break away and work on her own. Cheri developed a huge clientele that began to include celebrities and Fortune 500 executives. She began forecasting the stock market, predicting business mergers, selecting film scripts for movie producers and actors, predicting the outcome of important trials and more. Her career took a major turn when Cheri was asked to work on a missing person case in Canada. She found the missing, murdered man in just 4 days! Canadian police found the man in the trunk of his car, underwater, a short distance from the bridge that Cheri’s Spirit Guides had shown her! Cheri became a Psychic Detective!

The Years of Fulfillment: As a Psychic Detective, Cheri had found her true calling. She loved the challenge of finding missing persons! Although, not all of the police detectives were willing to cooperate, shawcrosshdlineCheri was able to solve more cases. One case Cheri predicted was a serial killer by the name of Shawcross. He started killing women in her hometown of Rochester, New York. Cheri made the prediction one year before he started killing and was called to Rochester to work on the case. Cheri also began to work on international cases and helped to find children that had been abducted by one of their parents. In the meantime, her power as a Medium grew. She amazed her clients with her ability to bring messages from loved ones that had passed on. She felt very fulfilled each time she was able to help her clients find closure with their loved ones.

The Present: Cheri resides in Southern California where she continues to read for her clients. Occasionally, she accepts a police case, but prefers to focus on her regular, business and celebrity clientele. Cheri has found much satisfaction knowing that she has made a significant difference in the lives of everyone she has read for in over 30 years of private consultation. It has been quite a remarkable journey from the banks of the Allegheny River so many years ago. Today Cheri and John spend much of their time on their 25 acre farm in upstate, NY among the quiet life among their Amish neighbors.


Accurate Psychic Readings!

Cheri Mancuso offers affordable, accurate Psychic Readings in person or by telephone.  accurate Psychic Readings by email can be arranged for overseas clients.  Cheri’ clients enjoy a one on one experience for their psychic readings, they are just as effective whichever way you decide is best! Remember, Cheri will be tuning into your soul’s vibrations so you need not be in her presence for an accurate reading!

Psychic Medium Cheri Mancuso offers these skills

Dream Interpretation Ghost Hunter (featured on TV)
Past Life Readings Clairaudient
Pet Readings & Animal Totems Dowsing & Pendulums
Master Numerologist Aura Readings
Psychometry Feng Shui
Meet Your Spirit Guides & Angels Space Clearing – Energy Balancing (Home or Office)
Medium: Contacting your Loved Ones in Spirit Paranormal Investigations
Clairvoyant Clairsentient
Certified Holistic Healer – Health Readings  Karmic Past


* Certified Metaphysical Practioner; MSA, 1987
* Advanced Symbology; Vision Quest, Inc. 1988
* Applied Psychometry; Psynetics 1990
* Ordained Minister; Universal Life Church, 1999
* Doctor of Metaphysics; Universal Life Church, 2000
* Certified Reiki Master; Master Scarano, 2000


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