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CHERI MANCUSO: Psychic Predictions of natural disasters for 2004

1983: Cheri correctly predicted the Mexico City earthquake 2 days before it occurred and stated that it would kill over 3,000 people. Cheri also accurately predicted the actual time of the quake to Vanda Pitt. Verifiable by letter.

1990: Cheri correctly predicted the 6.6 Northridge earthquake that occurred January 17, 1994 during a reading with a client. She moved from nearby Woodland Hills on April 15, 1990 to the Highlands near Pacific Palisades to avoid the coming earthquake.

February 11, 1994 at 5:59 AM: Cheri woke up and saw a vision of two maps. She saw a map of India on her upper left and a map of the Southern California coastline on her lower right. The positioning of the maps indicated to Cheri that the Indian earthquake would occur before the Southern California earthquake.

The Indian map contained a large, bold, black, letter “B” and the numeral 9. was located beneath the letter “B”. Cheri knew intuitively that this would be the one of the largest quakes in India’s history.

The California Map was larger in size and contained the words: 22E, Earthquake, 8.0 and Tsunami. The text was written in large, black, bold letters and numbers. There were two wavy black lines where the water meets the sand (shoreline).



Cheri felt intuitively that the letter “B” on the map of India stood for the name of the Indian city where the quake would be centered. She also felt that the .9 was part of the Indian earthquake’s magnitude on the Richter scale. This quake occurred on January 26, 2001 at 8:46 AM near Bhuj, India. 2 hours after the earthquake hit, the India Meteorological Department released a statement saying that the shock was centered near Bhuj and measured 6.9 on the Richter scale, but was later upgraded to 7.6. Some agencies rated it as high as 7.9.

Cheri feels that her spirit guides had sent her the vision of the Indian earthquake as a “marker” event for the Southern California earthquake. Believing that the California Earthquake would follow the Indian earthquake, she moved from her home in Brentwood, CA and relocated to a home in the San Fernando Valley on 9-17-01.

Cheri feels that the “22E” inscription on the California map may have stood for the 22 Freeway East that runs through Orange County from Garden Grove to the City of Orange and that this freeway may have been built on or near a fault line. It may be that the earthquake of ocean origin will trigger another quake along the fault line that lies on or near the 22 Freeway. “22E” may also be an abbreviation for 2002 Earthquake. “22” may also stand for the month and day of the earthquake, e.g., February 2nd. The earthquake will be assessed at a magnitude of 8.0 on the Richter scale.

The double wavy lines on the map indicate to Cheri that a double-fault line that runs from Baja, Mexico to the Channel Islands will generate the earthquake. Cheri feels that the quake will be centered off the shoreline and that most of the quake will be generated from under the ocean. For this reason, the quake will produce an enormous tsunami that will cause extensive damage along the Southern California Coastline. This will produce small islands from former coastline land.

As a result of more visions that have followed since her 1994 vision Cheri feels that the earthquake will occur during daylight hours, that the numeral 22 will be significant and the numerals 11-11 will be significant also. She also feels that earthquake will occur in 2002. Some possible dates are: February 2, 2002, February 11, 2002, February 20, 2002, February 22, 2002 or November 11, 2002.

FOUR things Cheri is sure on:

An 8.0 killer quake will hit the coastline of Southern California.
The timing will occur during the daylight hours (PST).

A Tsunami will strike the California Coastline.

A double fault line will generate the earthquake.


The months of February and November 2002 passed quietly in California without incident. Timing for this event has been very elusive for Cheri. The symbols sent to Cheri in this earthquake vision are very complex and subject to several interpretations. Because of that Cheri can only reiterate her warning about this earthquake; “Be prepared because it is coming!” And it may be coming sooner than later if reports of tsunami-related dreams from 15 of Cheri’s clients are any indication of it’s closeness. Here is one that was sent to Cheri the other day via email:



Had a dream/nightmare last night, about 3:33 AM, because I looked at the clock. William, {my husband} and I were on a cruise and were docked in port somewhere where it is a little hilly. Not necessarily a foreign port because the housing looked American. Yes, it could be LA, but there was nothing to confirm that. It was a 2-week cruise. We had rented a car and it was parked by a wooden house with a porch that had turned supports. The car was parked in front and had a sunroof which was open. Inside, was the usual clutter of people who are traveling. There were also 2 women, only one of which I remember, because for some reason I needed to kiss her good-bye and tell her how much we were going to miss her. She had dark hair, round dark eyes, but not Asian, with prominent red lipstick which I took care not to smudge. She was about 5’7″. I had forgotten the car keys which were lying on some clothing inside the car and clearly visible. I reached through the sun roof to get them. All of a sudden we hear a terrible roar. I am standing on the covered porch and look to see an enormous wave, 200-300 feet high I would estimate. I could see it over several blocks of houses (not an expensive neighborhood) The wave grew to enormous proportions and it was coming over the house, way over the house and headed toward where the cruise ship was docked. I grabbed the turned wood porch support and held on for dear life, as you can imagine! I looked up and could see the churning water and white froth above me. I couldn’t imagine how this rickety old wooden house would provide any protection, but I clung to the support anyway. The wave passed, crashed and withdrew and I didn’t even get wet. I don’t know what happened to the 2 women. The water did not hit where we were. I don’t know what happened to the cruise ship. As I was returning to the ship before the wave passed, William called me on my cell and asked whether I had remembered to bring the car keys and at the dock I just turned around and went up a small hill to get back to the car. I remember that my legs wouldn’t work properly; they were stiff and I was trying to run because the ship was scheduled to leave port. I got my legs to work but not well, not like I’m used to.

What woke me up was one word: Orkney*. As though someone had hurled the word at me. I never did get to sleep again; I tried to meditate but my hands and feet were aching so much that I couldn’t concentrate or sleep.



*Cheri’s Note:

I’m unsure as to the interpretation of the word “Orkney” in Steph’s dream. Notice below, however, that two oceans meet in Orkney. I made a reference to “where two oceans meet” in my original earthquake vision in 1994. I assumed that “where two oceans meet” meant the meeting of the Indian and the Atlantic Oceans since India was indicated in that vision. With that in mind, it might be wise for us to keep an eye on events in Orkney for clues as to the timing of this 8.0 earthquake in California.

Here is a little background on the Orkney Islands which are traditionally referred to as “Orkney”:

The Orkney Islands lie off the northern tip of Scotland where the North Sea and the Atlantic Ocean meet. The name “Orkney” is simply a shortened version of the Old Norse name, “Orkneyjar”, meaning; “Seal Islands”
Orkney is made up of 70 or so islands – exact agreement as to their total number is difficult as many are little more than skerries; small uninhabited islands.

Lying on latitude 59 degrees north, which is only 50 miles south of Greenland, Orkney extends to 53 miles in one direction and 30 miles in the other.
With a total coastline of approximately 570 miles, the islands cover an area of 974 square kilometers (376 square miles), more than half of which is taken up by the Mainland, the group’s largest island.
Orkney can be divided into three distinct regions – the North Isles, the South Isles and the Mainland.

For more information on Orkney go to: http://www.orkneyjar.com/

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