New Predictions – April 8, 2013

Iraq Announces 21 Executions in One Day!

  • I predict that by the end of 2014 Iraq will once again become a significant safe haven for terrorists. These terrorists will be successful in taking over the Iraqi government and will operate much like the former Libyan Government or like the Assad government in Syria.. All efforts by the US, it allies and Iraqi dissenters to bring democracy to Iraq will have been in vain.
The Middle East in General
  • By the end of 2013 the Middle East will have seen more uprisings in Egypt and Libya. 
  • France will see more havoc inside its borders primarily due to terrorist activity instigated by a Middle Eastern terrorist group.
  • We will begin to see some Middle Eastern terrorist-related activity in the US, particularly in California.
The United States Economy
  • Contrary to media reports, unemployment in the US will continue to rise in 2013.
  • The stock market will continue to go up and down making it increasingly risky to invest in it.
  • The price of gold and silver will rise again by 2014.
  • More people will rent their homes rather than buy them as the average American will begin to lose interest in home ownership this year. This will be due to the fact that they have lost their faith in their ability to qualify for a home loan.
  • Gas prices will be increasing again in the very near future.
  • Automobile sales will begin a long, slow 2-year decline as we near 2014. More Americans will be forced to rely on mass transportation or other cheaper forms of transportation such as motorcycles, motor scooters and bicycles.
  • Our reliance on the automobile is coming to an end and this will trigger a reduction in automobile manufacturing, sales and service creating yet more unemployment in the US.
  • Car ownership will also decline due to young Americans who will rely more and more on the internet for social interaction, entertainment and shopping, thus reducing the need to leave their homes for those purposes. They will also begin to apply for drivers licenses later in life and they will own fewer cars per family than ever before.
  • Seniors will drive far less due to the increased cost of fuel.
US Politics
  • The GOP will gain control of the US Senate and retain control of the House of Represenatives after the 2014 mid-term elections.
  • US immigrations policies will come to the forefront as a sore subject for the federal government in general.
The US in General
  • We will see more mass murders in the US in 2014.
  • The credit rating for the US will drop again by September of 2013.
The World Economy
  • The world economy will continue to decline as the price of food and housing rises.
  • More foreign investors will take advantage of the depressed US real estate market which will make it harder for Americans to invest in real estate.
  • US based businesses will continue to outsource jobs overseas despite the rising number of unemployed American workers.
  • The cost of Obamacare will continue to rise as 2014 approaches. 
  • The cost of medical insurance will rise significantly, especially for private medical insurance.
  • Medicare will suffer as Obamacare begins to be implemented. 
  • Beginning in 2014 many doctors will refuse to accept medicare patients altogether, making it increasingly difficult for seniors to get medical care.  
  • The Pre-Exisitng Condition clause in Obamacare will be either be reversed or there will be higher costs for those with pre-existing conditions under Obamacare.
  • Americans will be forced to make changes in their everyday life in order to to be eligible for Obamacare. For example, overweight individuals will be forced to drop a specific amount of weight or pay more in premiums or be denied medical care until they lose a specific amount of weight.
  • Tests and treatments will be denied for patients who are deemed “terminal” due to cancer, heart disease and diabetes, for example.
  • As doctors become more and more scarce in 2014, Nurse Practioners will replace doctors.
North Korea
  • I do feel that North Korea will continue to threaten to attack the US. My psychic impression is that Kim Jong-un is just trying to position himself as a powerful leader in the eyes of the average North Korean.
  • I do not feel that North Korea will attack the US or South Korea due to some type of intervention by the Chinese government.