New Psychic Predictions – 10-09-13

Truckers Beltway Shutdown

Truckers Beltway Shutdown

1. The Truckers Beltway Shutdown will be the biggest protest to force the White House pay attention in the history of the American People.  They will send a message to the current White House administration that  “We’re tired of the B.S”.  Bikers all over the country will join in and send a message the American People are taking back their country. (Here is a link to a great article about the DC Truckers’ campaign: You will have to copy and paste it into the address bar of your browser or do a search for

2. The current government shutdown may actually come to a point where the White House will have to negotiate to avoid another credit downgrade.

3. The stock market will continue to fall in October but will rise in late November.

4. Gold will be up & down while Silver and Copper will rise.

5. The housing market in the USA will continue to decline.

6. Obamacare will not only continue to have major problems getting people to sign up but the only real people signing up are the poor and immigrants where they think they will qualify.

7. Medicare and Disability patients will soon learn that they aren’t going to get the care they used to get.

8. Doctors will continue to retire and the good care that Americans used to receive will decline.

9. The private individuals who had good policies will soon discover that their private policies will increase to a point where they can’t afford to have it..

As I said in my last predictions, Obama will soon show his true intentions . He is not doing what is good for our country and people are tired of him being a celebrity, campaigning president. His ratings will continue to go down. (By the way, I was raised Democrat.)

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