Basic Feng Shui Cures

In Feng Shui you apply cures to fix the deficiencies in your life. You may, for example, need to attract money. The cure for this would be to place a lot of purple in your prosperity corner. Here is a list of 8 traditional Feng Shui cures:

Eight Traditional Feng Shui Cures

1. Light; adding light to an area adds energy and gets things moving again. Light can come from candles, electric light sources, oil lamps and fires. Anything that reflects light, such as a mirror, is also a light cure.

2. Sound; appealing sounds can create a shift in energy vibrations. Natural sounds work the best. Try any number of new age cd’s to quiet or balance something in one or more of your home’s gua.

3. Living things; also great energy enhancers, but make sure that you keep their areas clean. Clutter and litter add negative energy.

4. Weight; add heavy items to a gua when you need to be grounded in that area. They may be small symbols of weight, rather than the real thing. For example, you might want to place a small statue of an elephant or a whale in an area where you need help.

5. Color; each gua of your home responds to a specific color. See the Feng Shui toolbox in my next post for corresponding colors.

6. Moving objects; objects that seem to be alive can add a lot of energy to a gua. This can be accomplished by adding things like fans, moving curtains, butterfly wings, chimes and mobiles.

7. Electric power; electric appliances of every sort generate electrical fields which energize the gua they are located in. Be careful where you place them in any gua. Cover or conceal them when not in use.

8. Symbolic objects; the bamboo flute is a good example of a symbolic object that can cure an area. Leave it lying around the area of your choice and wait for the good news to come.

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