The Five Feng Shui Elements

There are five elements that are used in Feng Shui. Everything on Earth belongs to these elements. They are to be be found everywhere in our homes and places of business. Too much or too little of these elements in the guas of our buildings leads to imbalance. We add  or subtract these elements in each gua when they are out of balance. This is done to create harmonious vibrations in our personal environments. The following chart lists the elements and how they are used to add and subtract elements to create balance.

The 5 Feng Shui elements:

1. Wood – as in furniture, walls or art objects.

2. Earth – earth colors and live or artificial potted plants.

3. Metal – as in furniture, art objects and building construction.

4. Fire – as in a fireplace (artificial works okay here) and the color red.

5. Water – as in fish tanks, art objects or clear glass.

These basic elements can be used to balance each of the Nine Feng Shui guas. When this is done it is known as a “Cure”. Cures can be accomplished by adding one or more of the Five Elements.

The Elements as They Relate in the Creative Cycle:

1. Water feeds wood (Trees and woody plants get their water from the soil via their root systems.)
2. Wood feeds fire (Adding more wood to the fire prolongs it.)
3. Fire makes earth (This is every powerful. Think of a hot lava flow that creates more land when it cools.)
4. Earth creates metal (A lot of our metals were created in the soil of the earth.)
5. Metal holds water (A metal bucket traps water in itself.)

Think of the creative cycle as one that adds rather than subtracts. For example, if you have a room that has too little water then you may add glass to compensate.

The Elements as They Relate in the Destructive Cycle:

1. Water douses fire
2. Fire melts metal
3. Metal cuts wood
4. Wood pierces earth
5. Earth dams water

In the destructive cycle your goal is to reduce the effect of too much of one element. For example, if you have too much wood in a gua, you can reduce it by adding metal.

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