The Nine Feng Shui Gua Zones

Here is a brief description of each of the 9 sections in a Western Feng Shui Bagua:

1. Prosperity Gua

This area relates to all matters of wealth. It especially affects the money we receive for the luxuries of life that we all want. This is also your corner of power. Remember, money is power in that it can free you from the stress of always needing to create more money.

2. Fame and Reputation Gua

This area supports you as the person that the rest of world perceives you as being. It particularly affects your own honesty and integrity, as well as how your relationships work out.

3. Relationships and Love Gua

This part of the bagua is very important. It must be kept in balance at all times. This will ensure that there will be a lot of harmony in all relationships including romantic ones.

4. Creativity and Children

All of your creative thinking is affected by this area of your home. This is where your inner child is located. Children think much more creatively than adults do because they don’t have a lot of prior knowledge hampering them. This is the best location in your home to interact with children if it is possible.

5. Helpful People and Travel Gua

This area affects those in your life who may be able to help you through a tough situation when one crops up unexpectedly. Think of this area as your guardian angel’s area. Also, you may create or block travel here.

6. Career and Life Path Gua

Your career path and your life path are affected by this area. Keep it balanced so that you may stay on the right path in business and in your personal life.

7. Skills and Knowledge Gua

This area affects how you process and use knowledge as you receive it. This gua is directly affected by the prosperity gua and vice versa.

8. Family Gua

Your family and all of its issues are affected in this area. This is the area that creates all of the money needed to support the house and the family. Keep this one balnced so that it doesn’t negate the prosperity Gua or the skills and knowledge gua.

9. Health Gua 

This is the center of the bagua and contains all of the energy combined of the other eight gua. Because it is in the center it affects all of the gua around it. Keep this one balanced always!

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