How to be a Good Psychic Client – Part 3


5.  Don’t blame your psychic when they deliver negative information to you! I realize that most people come to me when they or someone close to them is in some sort of a predicament. They come hoping and praying that I will see a positive resolution to their situation. Unfortunately, this is not a perfect world and not everything I “see” for my clients is positive. It is important for you to realize that Psychics are messengers who have no control over anyone’s destiny. It is equally important for you to realize that the negative information that we psychics sometimes deliver may provide our clients with an opportunity to prepare for negative events and to plan ways to neutralize the negative results they produce.

A Tarot Reader once told me that “A Tarot reading talks about what will occur if you do nothing.” I agree with that statement and I think it applies to all forms of psychic readings. Although we cannot change some future events, I do believe that once we are warned about them we have been given the opportunity to positively affect the results they will potentially produce.

So, instead of blaming the psychic for the negative information, it would be smart to engage in a conversation with them and see if there is a way to soften the blow.  Your anger or disappointment in receiving negative information only serves to block your psychic from communicating with the spirit guides who are present during your reading. Heed the message and don’t shoot the messenger!


(To Be Continued)

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