How to be a Good Psychic Client – Part 2


Sorry for the delay on Part 2 of this post. I have been extremely busy!

3. Listen carefully when your psychic explains how she or he conducts their reading sessions. Don’t assume that every psychic reads in the same manner. Psychic talent comes in very diverse forms and is practiced using many different methods and approaches. I prefer to tune into my client when they sit down in front of me without being informed of the reason for their session. 90% of the time, I pick up on their  most important issue in the first few minutes of our session. After that, my clients are free to ask about any other issue.  I always inform my new clients of this but some just can’t adhere to my wishes, for some odd reason. When they start asking questions right away it throws me off balance and can potentially have a negative effect on the reading. I want validation right away in a session so that my client and I both know that I am “on”. The session takes off from there.

4. TALK to your psychic! I can’t begin to explain how maddening it is when my clients respond to my visions by saying, “Uh, huh.” or “Okay.”. Some new clients just shake their heads up and down or sideways in response. Every psychic needs what we call “validation” of what they have seen for you. If I say that I see an elderly woman wearing a red pendant necklace and you know who she is, say so right away! Knowing that what I am seeing is correct spurs me on to see even more. I think many people are of the belief that you should say nothing that will influence a psychic when they are tuning in for you. You’re not influencing me if you identify with what I have seen. Telling me beforehand will influence what I see and that is the primary reason I tune in first and ask for questions later on in my sessions. A psychic session is team effort between the psychic and the client. So, do your part while your psychic does their part!

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