How to be a Good Psychic Client

In my last post I discussed how to find a good psychic. In this post, I shift to the other side of the reading table and discuss what it takes to become a good psychic client.

1. This is the most important quality a good psychic client can possess; being on time for your scheduled reading! Although many clients do not realize it, a good psychic’s appointment book is generally filled each day. When one client is late it can potentially delay every following appointment for the rest of the day. Knowing this, after you have showed up 15 minutes late or more for your session, stresses your psychic out.  Trust me when I say this, that doesn’t improve his or her accuracy. Life isn’t perfect so there will be times when you can not avoid being late for your appointment. If that occurs, have the decency to call your psychic and let them know your estimated time of arrival. There is nothing worse than having to sit and wait wondering what the heck happened to your scheduled client. And be understanding if your psychic has to reschedule your appointment because of time restraints. You will get major kudos (and maybe a better reading) for demonstrating that you realize your psychic’s time is just as valuable as yours.

2. Don’t challenge your psychic during your reading. This may sound odd but this has happened to me many times over the past 30+ years. A client will come in and sit across from me with their arms folded across their chest accompanied by a cold stare on their face. They deny that anything I say is accurate and refuse to give me any information that might help me to interpret what I am seeing for them. If this goes on for too long the client is usually in for a shock when I stop the reading (at no charge to them) and usher them out my front door. Most of the time they beg for forgiveness and want me to resume the reading. That rarely happens. Once their combative attitude blocks the flow of information from my spirit guides and theirs, it’s too late to continue. I have never figured out why some people do this. It is completely counterproductive! I can only guess they are skeptics who want to prove that spiritualism is fake or maybe they think that their denials will make the psychic work harder and produce more results for them. They couldn’t be more wrong.

(To Be Continued)


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