The Feng Shui Toolbox – Part Two

Here is the remainder of the list of basic items that you may need from time to time to balance any of the guas in your home or place of business.

The Feng Shui Toolbox (Continued)

Tools for Career/Life Path Gua:

Element: water
Colors: black
Shape: undulating or freeform.
Creative Cycle items: metal, white, round.
Destructive Cycle items: earth,yellow, flat or square.
Numerical Vibration: 4

Tools for Skills/Knowledge/Wisdom Gua:

Element: none
Colors: blue, black and green.
Shape: none
Creative Cycle items: none
Destructive Cycle items: none
Numerical Vibration: 7

Tools for Family Gua:

Element: wood
Colors: green
Shape: rectangular, columnar or vertical.
Creative Cycle items: water, black, undulating.
Destructive Cycle items: metal, white, round.
Numerical Vibration: 6

Tools for Health and Other Situations Gua:

Element: earth
Colors: yellow and earthtones.
Shape: square, horizontal or flat.
Creative Cycle items: fire, red, pointed.
Destructive Cycle items: wood, green, columnar.
Numerical Vibration: 9

Next: How to place the Feng Shui bagua over a layout of your home or business.

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