The Symbolic Meaning of the Color Brown

Brown is another important and useful color. It is the color of Earth’s richest soils. It is a color that is very comforting, supportive and stable.

Brown takes on the full symbolism of our planet Earth, its physical qualities and its contents. This gives the color brown its most important symbolic quality: it is grounding. This is symbolic of the force of gravity created by our planet that binds us to its surface.

Brown is also symbolic of earth spirits, Mother Earth, money, earth, wood, stone, reliability, security, home, foundations, stability, warmth, practicality and honesty.

In some belief systems, the Kundalini Chakra is brown. This is due to the belief that the Kundalini is the Ancestral Chakra where the experience of all of our ancestors who lived on Earth is stored and where our tribal identity is located. When this chakra is balanced we know who we are, where our ancestral line has been and can draw upon the wisdom of those who came before us. This can be very empowering.

When I guide my clients in meditation we always do some work on the Kundalini Chakra. I guide them to see this chakra as dark brown. We also peer into the Kundaini chakra to get a glimpse of some of our ancestors.

When I see brown during a psychic reading I interpret it as someone or something that is very grounded. I may also interpret it as as color of the foundation for something that has come up in the psychic reading during the psychic session. If I see a person in brown during a psychic vision it could mean that they are grounded, wealthy or important to a start-up project. They could also be an ancestral spirit who is related to the client sitting in front of me.

We are almost finished with Color Symbology. We have 1 more color to go.

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