A Look Back at the Effect of the 7 Year in 2014

Today the world has officially shifted from the number 7 that was created on January 1, 2014 to the number 8 which was created on January 1, 2015.

As we look back on the events of last year we find a plethora of revelations that were, for the most part, eye opening. As I predicted, we saw that many things revealed that were previously hidden from us. Here are some examples of that:

  • The intentional traffic jam on the George Washington Bridge.
  • Clippers Owner Donald Sterling Racial-Comment Recording Released
  • Bill Cosby Rape Allegations
  • CIA Admits to Spying Allegations
  • Missing Emails Turn Up in IRS Scandal
  • Lady Gaga Admits She Was Raped
  • NFL Fumbled Handling of Domestic Violence by Baltimore Raven, Ray Rice
  • CIA Torture Report released, detailing the CIA’s use of torture on detainees between 2001-2006
  • The Truth about The Biggest Loser Weigh-ins
  • Veterans Affairs Department Hidden Waiting List Causing the Deaths of Seriously Veterans
  • Robert Gates’ book reveals President Barack Obama handling of the War in Afghanistan
  • Married French President François Hollande’s affair with actress Julie Gayet is revealed after photos of the pair appear in a magazine.
  • The New York Times reveals that The National Security Agency uses radio waves to spy on computers.
  • TMZ reveals photos of United States Marines burning bodies of Iraqis prompting an investigation from the Department of Defense.
  • After a search warrant is unsealed by a court in Bristol, Connecticut, former New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez, awaiting trial for a 2013 murder, is now under investigation by Boston police as a suspect in a 2012 double homicide.
  • Former Virginia governor Bob McDonnell and his wife are indicted on federal corruption charges for allegedly receiving various financial benefits from a businessman seeking favors from the state government.
  • After his arrest for DWI, Justin Bieber is outed for his bizarre and selfish behavior.
  • Archaeologists uncover what they believe to be the oldest Roman temple ever discovered.
  • Archaeologists working near the ancient settlement of Edfu in southern Egypt discover the remains of a 4,600 year old step pyramid.
  • A new species of giant jellyfish is discovered, washed up on a beach in Australia.
  • A mass grave of Christians is discovered in a neighborhood in Bangui, Central African Republic, formerly occupied by the Muslim Seleka rebels.

This is a partial list of things that were unknown pror to January 1, 2014. A complete list would be several pages long!

Coming tomorrow: What we can expect from the 8 year that was created on January 1, 2015.

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