All About the Number 8 Year in 2015

On January 1, 2015 we said goodbye to the year number 7 and greeted the new year number 8. Its vibration is very different from the number 7.

The simple number 8 is often misunderstood. Many numerologists look solely at the ability of the 8 to attract and create wealth. However, that is only one of the many facets of the 8.

The 8 is created by the addition of of two 4’s. The 4 is a foundational number and is the number of our planet, Earth. So, it vibrates around all of the things that the Earth provides to us. The Earth grounds us and we get everything we need for our survival from it. The power of the 4 is doubled in the 8 and that is why it creates wealth for us. This is due to the fact that gold, a universal unit of monetary exchange, comes from the Earth. But, there is more.

The number 8 also vibrates around harmony and balance, stability, success, leadership and fine character. When these qualities are created or expressed positively, it gives us recognition, reward and authority. The 8 creates these things only when we apply ourselves in a positive manner. If we do not, the desired results always lie just beyond our grasp.

Interestingly, the letters in Karma and Mystic add up to an 8. This supports the belief that the 8 helps us to understand ourselves as well as understanding others. It becomes the counselor who counsels from his or her own experiences and attempts to prevent others from making the same mistakes that it made along the path of life.

If we create harmony and balance this year many of our monetary issues can be positively resolved. The 8 can create a wonderful flow of money but there is a hitch to that. The 8 creates a flow that comes and goes. So, as quickly as it comes it can go just as quickly. Creating a reserve of money is a challenge this year and if we do not accomplish that then next year we will suffer as a result of our inability to control our wealth.

We have already seen the effect of the 8 here in the US. The price of gasoline dropped dramatically at the end of 2014. That has given many of us some much-needed financial relief.  This is due to the vibrational effect of the 8 as we moved closer to it.

In order to get the most out of the 8 this year we must act positively and create balance whenever it is possible. Our success will come from helping one another in a way that balance between us all is acheived. Lastly, we need to stockpile the wealth that is given to us as a result so that we are ready for the 9 in 2016.

I hope all of you who read this post will take heed of this advice and go forth into the world with a new, positive outlook. If you do, you and those you interact with will benefit in some amazing and gratifying ways!

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