Creative Visualization

Creative Visualization begins with Meditation and ends in Manifestation.

You first need to get into a relaxing mood while either sitting in a reclining chair or lying on a bed or couch. It’s important that you are comfortable. I always like to set the mood  with relaxing music or natural sounds like the waves of the ocean. Meditating with music helps to drown out outside noises and helps to set a relaxing mood. I would suggest turning off all computers, phones, televisions, et cetera and make sure that this is a time where you can be alone for at least a 1/2 of an hour.

Get comfortable with a pillow and blanket if you tend to get cold easily. Your body temperature tends to drop in a meditative state.

First picture white light above your head making sure to open all your chakras first. Bring the white light over your body starting at the crown chakra and gradually bringing it into and through your body connecting the light to each chakra. Repeat with emerald green light. At this point you are starting to relax and training your mind to tune out your physical body. this is the very beginning of the creative visualization process.

Our next lesson will be the actual journey that will cause you to leave your body and connect with your spirit guides.

Here is an image of my Major Chakra Chart in case you are unsure of where the Major chakras are located on our bodies.


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