My Predictions for 2016!

2016 Predictions


  • The G.O.P will not unite with Trump before the Primary. The G.O.P. will continue to lose popularity this year despite having a couple of popular candidates. Trump can very well win the nomination for the Republican candidate.
  • Isis will not become a major task for President Obama to handle before he leaves office.┬áHe will put a few more troops on the ground but not enough to make a difference.
  • Isis will continue to expand their territories in the Middle east. Libya will be next.
  • Racial tensions will increase in the USA in 2016. Civil War could break out in the States this year. Tensions and violence will come to have more police shootings this year with Americans growing more tired of violence from protesters.
  • Mass shootings will increase as will terrorists home grown violence in major cities, Los Angeles, New York & Washington, D.C. among the worst.
  • President Obama will use his Executive Order for Gun Control which will increase anger among American voters and could hurt the Democrats at Election time.
    This will set the stage toward more uprisings among Americans to keep their guns.
  • More bombings will occur in European Countries this year. Tighter airport security around the world will occur. There will be armed guards at most major airports in the U.S. starting toward the end of 2016.
  • The old America has changed forever from the early days as we now need to adjust to caution, travel, home grown terrorism and losing our privacy. Farming will once again become more popular as our food sources continue to be down graded by import export. Americans will feel safer growing vegetables and some fruits themselves.


  • Gold and silver will not increase in value this year but will start to rise in 2017.
  • The stock market will start to decline toward the end of 2016 and then go up considerably at the beginning of 2017.
  • Food prices and electricity will continue to rise. Apartment and home rentals will continue to go up this year with more people renting instead of purchasing.
  • Raw land values will go up and more people will purchase raw undeveloped land in 2016.
  • The real Estate market will pretty much stay the same this year.
  • Basically I forecast a much stronger and aware America as we continue to grow and learn from past mistakes.
  • Our number 9 year ( 2016 ) means drastic unenviable change. It’s the most powerful number and as I stated in my numerology prediction, we can’t change what we’re headed for but not to fight it.
  • It could be great or pure disaster. Our next President will determine the outcome for our countries future.
  • Uber will grow and rise in popularity in the U.S and have major conflicts with taxi and shuttles this coming Spring.
  • Uber will decline in most major European Cities.
  • More American teenagers will gain employment under the ages of 18 for social media marketing, television and film industry.
  • Hackers will be a new source of employment especially for government agencies and major corporations
  • More Americans will continue to down size their spending as the economy continues to fluctuate.


  • The new Jan. 5, 2016 T.V series ” The Killing Fields ” on Discovery Channel will top the charts and do several seasons as a new Reality hit show.
  • More movies based on terrorism will become very popular in film.


  • More violent storms, weird weather and earthquakes will hit around the World this year.

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