Curing Guas (continued)

Let’s continue with curing (balancing) the guas in my sample floor plan.

The Career and Lifepath gua:

DeficiencyThere is very little metal and wood in the gua.

Cure: Add a large potted Ficus Benjamina  to the gua. It will thrive with the ample light from the skylights and add enough wood to the gua. Ficus Benjamina’s grow into large trees in their natural habitat. The potted Ficus is symbolic of a tree at maturity.

In addition, I would add a metal sculpture or a small scale metal figurine of a large animal or structure. A small, metal pyramid or ziggurat in a prominent location would work in this gua, too.

Skills and Knowledge Gua:

DeficiencyThere is no wood present in the gua and the kitchen sink drains need to be cured. Drains of any sort in a gua are not a good thing. They rob the gua of its energy.

Cure: The room needs  wide, unpainted, varnished wood crown molding. Wooden objects like wooden utensils in a wooden jar, wooden pictures or plaques on the walls or wooden figurines of large objects could be added as well.

The sink drains are easy to cure. They can be plugged with stoppers when they are not in use. Or they can be covered with small, round vinyl mats that can be found in most supermarkets. The whole idea is to symbolically seal the drains, so be sure the entire drain is covered or stoppered.

Next: I will discuss the next 3 guas in my sample floor plan.

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