Curing the Guas in My Last Post

After some thought I realized that it would be easier to cure the guas that I discussed in my last post rather than go through all 9 guas in the floor plan at once So, here are the cures for the entrance and the first gua.

The Entrance:

Deficiency: The front and back door do not line up in the floor plan. This is a hard deficiency to cure. There is no way to re-direct the energy from front to back with the usual cure. That is to hang multi-faceted crystals in key doorways to broadcast the energy to the back.

Cure: I would hang a round, multi-faceted crystal from a red string just inside the front door and at the hallway door that leads to the bedroom, walk-in closet and back office. I would also hang a similar crystal at the junction of the hallway at the closet, bathroom and back office doors. This will help to disperse the energy somewhat throughout the back of the house.

Alternative Cure: If you know a Reiki practitioner, have them direct the energy from the front door by drawing and invoking the Cho Ku Rei symbol just outside the open front door. Upon stepping into the house, the Cho Ku Rei symbol is drawn and invoked verbally at the entrance to every room in the house. This will direct the natural energy throughout the entire house. This should be done periodically to give the house a tune-up. My partner, John Scarano, and I are Reiki Masters. We perform this service for ourselves and for our clients.

The Helpful People and Travel gua:

Deficiency: This gua is deficient in metal and earth. This room is an important room for the people who own the house. They work from home and meet with clients and service providers in their living room. It’s important to keep this room balanced so that the numerical 5 vibration of this gua is in good working order. 5 is the number of communication and desired change which is important when they meet with people in this room.

Cure: The room needs a large  live or artificial potted plant to add earth. A Diffenbachia Species or large Dracaena Species plant would do well. The potting soil in the pots represent earth. Otherwise, I would place several  6 to 8 inch potted plants throughout the room. Or, you could add a large, white Quartz crystal in a prominent place inside the gua.

In addition, the placement of a sizable metal statue of an elephant, a whale or a metal small scale replica of a large building on the coffee table would add enough metal as a cure. Soothing New Age music should be played in the room whenever it is in use.

Next: I will discuss the cures for the the Career and Lifepath and  the Skills and Knowledge guas.


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