Looking at the Floor Plan Gua-by-Gua

In my last post I placed a Feng Shui Bagua over a residential floor plan. Let’s take a look at that floor plan gua-by-gua.

The entrance to the dwelling does not have a back door that is in line with it. This prevents natural energy from flowing through the house from front to back. This will need to be cured.

The Helpful People and Travel gua is in the Living Room/Family Room. It contains 4 large windows, a wooden fireplace hearth, a large wooden window seat, a large wooden organ, a cloth-covered couch, wooden floors, wide wooden molding at the floor and at the ceiling, a  5-light stainless steel hanging light fixture and a brick fireplace.

Obviously, there is way too much wood in the room. The windows add a good amount of water to the room.  The fireplace and the light fixture (electricity) add a good amount of fire to the room. The light fixture adds a little metal to the room, but, not enough. The couch is covered with synthetic fiber so it adds nothing to the room. There is no earth in the room whatsoever. This room needs a metal and earth cure.

The next gua to the left of the Helpful People gua is the Career and Lifepath gua. The owners of this house use this room as a sitting area. It contains 3 large leaded glass windows, two white love seats, two Rosewood chairs, one wall has wooden chair molding, a small wall space painted red, two large hanging glass light fixtures,  3 4-foot indirect fluorescent lights, 3 medium sized skylights and the floor is bricked. The dining room protrudes slightly into this gua. That portion contains marble flooring.

The love seats are upholstered with heavy cotton fabrics. There is a small amount of marble flooring and the floor is brick (clay). All three add earth to the gua.  The windows and the glass light globes add water to the gua. The chairs and the chair molding add some wood to the gua. The red wall and the hanging lights add a good amount of fire to the gua. The sky lights are plastic and add nothing to the gua. There is no metal in the gua except for the lead in the windows. This gua needs a metal  and wood cure.

The next gua to the left is the Skills and Knowledge gua. It is mostly contained by the kitchen. There are wall to wall wooden cabinets, two large clear glass cabinet fronts, a double sink, granite counter tops, an island with granite counter tops, 2 small windows, 4 appliances, a counter top gas stove and built-in oven enclosed in brick, a stainless steel refrigerator, another large cabinet with a granite counter top and glass fronts, a bathroom sink, two large glass french side doors and brick flooring.

The granite counter tops and the brick add a lot of earth to the gua. The glass fronts, small windows and the glass french doors add a good amount of water to the gua. The gas stove and oven add a good amount of fire to the gua. The kitchen appliances and the stainless steel refrigerator add a good amount of metal and fire (electricity) to the gua. The sinks add water to the gua but they have drains. Drains are bad guys in Feng Shui. They rob the gua of energy by allowing it to “go down the drain”. The cabinets are made of vinyl covered pressed sawdust. They do not add wood to the gua. The gua needs more wood and the drains need to be cured.

Next: The next three guas will be discussed.


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