Defining the Numeric Character 4 in Numerology

In my last post I discussed the numeric character 3. The 3 gives rise to the numeric character 4 and is symbolically opposite of it. Where the 3 is symbolic of another plane of existence, the 4 is symbolic of our physical plane of existence.

The number 2 is often referred to as the Yin number because it gave the human race a role in the creation of life. This is the Feminine Principle. The number 4 is the Yang number. It symbolizes the Male Principle. The Male implants a seed into the process of creation and is the material manifestation of  the creative power of the 3.

The 4  is the number of the planet Earth and we see it manifested everywhere on our planet. It represents the 4’s that occur in nature: the 4 winds, the 4 cardinal points of the Earth, the 4 elements, the 4 seasons and the 4 quarters of the moon that divides the month into 4 weeks.

Additionally, we find other important areas where the 4 is prominent. The Hebrew letters in the name of God (Yahweh: YHVH), and the grail symbols (the letters T, A, R, and O) vibrate on the number 4. In the Kabbalah, there are 4 worlds on the Tree of Life. We find 4 creatures on the arms of Freemasonry, Carl Jung  discussed 4 primary mental functions ( thinking, feeling, sensation and intuition) and there are 4 dimensions of modern science (length, breadth, width and time). The number 4 is also the number of the human body; two arms and two legs or, more specifically, two hands and two feet.

The 4 is very stable and it is grounding. It is representative of the force that binds us and everything on Earth to its surface: gravity.

The best symbols for the 4 are the square or the cross. The cross is symbolic of the 4 because it contains 4-90 degree angles that are formed by the crossing of the horizontal and vertical lines. The square also contains 4 – 90 degree angles that are formed in the inside of each of its corners.

The 4 brings rise to the 5 which will be the topic of discussion in my next post.

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