Defining the Numeric Character 5 in Numerology

In my last post I discussed the symbolism of the numeric character 4. We will now move onto the numeric character 5.

The 4 was symbolic of the human body with four appendages: two arms and two legs. The 5 is symbolic of the addition of the most important appendage on our physical bodies: the head. It contains the brain, an organ that controls important bodily functions and gives us the capacity to think, reason and process the sensory input that we receive constantly throughout our lives. Therefore, the 5 is all about our 5 senses: hearing, touch, taste, smell and sight.

Returning once again to the symbolic story of the creation of man in the Garden of Eden, we must visit the occurrence of the Original Sin. God warned Adam and Eve not to eat the fruit of the apple tree. Here, the apple is symbolic of sentience and knowledge. Man became aware of his existence and of his mortality. This separates us from all other animals. And, in a way, it is a curse. Animals are not aware of their existence or that they will eventually die. This knowledge is what God was trying to protect Adam and Eve from discovering. It was the beginning of free will and human suffering.

The 5 is symbolic of leadership through knowledge and communication. It is also symbolic of  desired change as opposed to inevitable and undesired change. It is the most primitive of counting numbers as it is based on the five digits of the the human hand and the foot.

The 5 is a powerful, circular number. It is a risk taker, as well. It is a number that recreates itself when it is raised by its own power: 5 x 5 = 25.  It is always in motion, unpredictable, and forever in need of change. The 5 demands freedom in thought and action.

The five is represented in many different symbols: a five pointed star, a five-petaled rose or lily, for example. However the best symbol for this number is the regular 5-sided polygon.

In my next post I will discuss the numeric character 6.

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