Defining the Numeric Character 6 in Numerology

The numeric character 6 is often under-interpreted. It is usually associated solely with service and codependency. While that is true, there is much more to the 6 than those interpretations.

The 6 is a rare number in mathematics because it is 1 of the perfect numbers. To date, there are only 48 known perfect numbers and 6 is the only single digit perfect number on the list. A perfect number is one whose divisors, when added together, equal its sum: 1+2+3=6.  In addition to this, when including the number itself in the previous equation and dividing by 2 the result is the number itself: (1+2+3+6)/2 = 6. (It is also interesting to note that the Christian bible, in the Book of Genesis, claims that God created everything in 6 days and created Man on the 6th day.) The six is the other simple number that recreates itself when it is raised by its own power: 6 x 6=36. The 6 is also derived from the calculation of 3 + 3 or 2 x 3. This calculation is indicative of the raw power of this number to create.

The 6 indicates real multiplicity because it represents the creation of 2 families from the original family of 3. This creates an unstoppable chain reaction as it utilizes the creative power of 3 to the maximum in concert with the Principle of Duality. When one life form is created, its opposite must be created at the same time. This answers the nagging question concerning the possibility of life beyond our planet Earth. Because we have life here, there absolutely must be life elsewhere and in abundancy! It is impossible for the human race to be alone in the universe. And, as science fiction writers have postulated over and over again, it will be quite different from ours in form and content. This can only come about as the result of the imperfection of our universe.

Because the 6 is derived from the addition of 2-3’s it represents harmony, balance and very good luck. It represents society because it contains two “families” of three each. It also represents the union of opposites. The 6 also brings something very important to man and particularly to me. It has given us our 6th sense; intuition.

There are several good symbols for the 6.  One is a 6-pointed star that is formed from 6 triangles and another is the hexagon that is formed by the combination of 6 triangles. For our purposes here, the best symbol is the triangle within a triangle. It symbolizes the mouth of the cave and the interior of the cave. In our journey through the simple numbers we are getting closer to the source of the spirit that gives us life.

My next post will cover the symbolism of the numeric character 7.


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