Defining the Numeric Character 7 in Numerology

It is logical that the numeric character 7 should follow the 6. The 6 gave us intuition. The 7 makes use of intuition by creating spiritual contact between the ethereal and physical planes. This is a direct line to our Creator and to Spirit. The 7 represents the live relationship between the human and the Divine. It provides us with a steady stream of Cosmic Consciousness. I believe that each one of us possesses the ability to tap into this stream.

The 7 is created from the addition of 3, the number of Heaven, and 4, the number of Earth. It is the number of the universe and of the whole individual (both spiritual and temporal aspects of the human being). The 7 makes us aware that there is symmetry, reason, and order within the structure of the Universe.

When light is refracted through a prism we discover that is is comprised of 7 basic colors: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet. These are the colors of Creation. Each of these colors has a specific symbolism associated with them. I will discuss their symbolism when I have finished with the Symbology of Numbers.

We find 7’s everywhere in all human cultures. For example:

  • 7 Heavens and 7 Hells
  • 7 Days of Creation
  • 7 Days in the Week
  • 7 Musical Tones
  • 7 Major Chakras
  • 7  Sacraments in Christianity
  • 7 Seals in the Book of Revelations
  • 7 Stages of Alchemy


The seven is often symbolized by a triangle within a square. The shape of a house is also a symbol for the seven: a triangle on top of a square. This is the best symbol for the 7 as it symbolizes contact between the Temporal and Ethereal Planes. An interesting note: Jesus talked about the House of God being anywhere we worshiped him. The triangle on top of a square resembles a house. Jesus was teaching us that contact with God is everywhere, not just in a church or a temple.

We are coming very close to the end of the list of simple numbers and their definitions. My next post is about the numeric character, 8.

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