Defining the Numeric Character 8 in Numerology

The creation of the 8 brings to us all of the things that are necessary to sustain life in the physical world. The 8 is derived from the addition of 4 + 4. As a result, it takes on double the power of the 4. This gives the 8 double-grounding and kick-starts the flow of all of the material things that our planet Earth provides to us. The only problem with this is that it creates a flow that both comes and goes. As quickly as the abundance flows in, it flows out with the same speed. This creates a challenge for us. Learning to manage, share and save some of the material things that come in is essential to prevent the blockage of that flow.

Greed, ego, power-mongering and selfishness are some good examples of traits that will block the 8 flow.  This occurs because the 8 is the number of Karma and carries within it the Universal Law of Truth, that is ’cause and effect’ which states that ‘as you reap, so shall you sow’. We cannot re-enter the realm of perfection until our Karma has achieved equilibrium. We will have be no more positive than we are negative. That is true Karmic Balance.

The numeric character 8 is often associated with wealth and power in Numerology. When people seek a name change it is very likely that they want to add the vibrational influence of 8 to their name in order to increase their earning power. It isn’t that simple, however, because there is more to the 8 than money flowing into your coffers. The 8 desires harmony and balance. When that is not present it fails to generate abundance and these negative traits can actually create a reverse flow of abundance. The abundance created by the 8 is not always monetary, either. It can bring with it an abundance of love, brotherhood and wisdom, as well.

The 8 is also is the number of Paradise regained. This is important because it appears immediately before the 9 (This will be explained in my next post about the numeric character 9).  It also represents pairs of opposites.

Most importantly, the 8 represents regeneration, resurrection and perfect rhythm. If you lay the figure 8 on its side, you will discover that it is the symbol for infinity. This is symbolic of a never-ending flow.

Some good symbols for the 8 is a square on top of another square or a circle on top of another circle. The 8 is best symbolized by the octagon and is considered to be the transition of the square into a circle. With the addition of the 8 into the simple numbers we now have been given all that is essential for us physically and spiritually in our plane of existence. This is especially true when it comes to regaining our original state of perfection. That is the goal of  8 Karma.

I will finish with the definitions of the simple numbers in my next post where I will discuss the numeric character 9.

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