Defining the Numeric Character 9 in Numerology

The numeric character 9 brings us to the last of the simple numbers. This is the most powerful of all of the simple numbers. It controls everything in our universe.

The 9 is derived from the calculations: 3 + 3 + 3 or 3 x 3. The latter calculation is often referred to as the Triple Triad. This triad is all-powerful. It triples the power of 3 to create. However, it’s creation can only be achieved through the destruction of the old so that the new may rise up. The 9 is the force behind the Phoenix Bird that rises up from the ashes in a new and wonderful form.

The parable of the Phoenix is symbolic of the fact that nothing in our universe can be destroyed. It can only be transformed. For example, when  a log is burned in a fireplace it is transformed into ashes and smoke. This reminds us that we are not creators. We cannot destroy that which has been created by our Creator.

Without the 9  there would be no change in our universe. That is the sheer beauty of this number. It works in concert with the Principle of Duality. When something ends something new must be created. In this way, the universe carries on without permanent end in magnificent diversity.

When we try to avoid the inevitable change that the 9 forces on us, we unwittingly increase its effect. The lesson of the 9 is that we must learn to bend to it and accept the change that it brings. If we do not, we suffer needlessly. And, often, we are surprised when we finally give into the 9. Its effect on us is rarely as bad as we had imagined it would be. And we did not foresee the positive aspect of the change that it brought with it.

The 9 is the number of completion and contains all of the symbolism of each one of the simple numbers that precede it. The 9 is symbolic of fulfillment, attainment and of the beginning and  end. It is a celestial number, the number of Angels and the number of the Earthly Paradise. It represents the circle in that a circle is divisible into 4-90 degree quarters.

The 9 is also the number of philanthropy and service to mankind. The 9 desires to help multitudes rather than the few. The 9 wants to leave a legacy behind it so that others are reminded of its service to them and will continue to benefit from it.

In my last post I talked about the 8 being the number of Paradise Regained through Karmic Balance. The 9 makes this possible because it gives mankind the ability to end its imperfection and begin anew in the Realm of Perfection. This process is the price to be paid for eating the apple from the Tree of Knowledge.

The 9 is often symbolized as a 9-pointed star. However, the best symbol for it is the triangle within a triangle within a triangle. We have finally reached the source that gives us life. We have reached the cave within the cave and the life-giving spirit that resides there. This is the Spirit of Renewal: the 9.

It is also interesting to note that if we use geometrical figures to symbolize each of the simple numbers we see that they have progressed back to the circle of the Zero! And this is expressed in the first compound number with a Zero: 10. This return is expressed each time we reach multiples of 10 as in 20, 30, 40, et cetera. This indicates that there is unity in our universe.

This finishes the definition of the simple numbers. However, we are not quite finished with numbers yet. There are 3 compound numbers in Numerology that are very important.  They are known as the Master Numbers. These are the 11, 22 and 33. I will begin to define them in my next post, beginning with the Master Number 11.

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