The Basic Numerology Chart

For many years I did not understand the real importance of the vibrational influence of numbers until I met my partner, John Scarano. John is Master Numerologist with over 40 years of experience in Numerology and other metaphysical arts. Through him I gained a deeper understanding of numerical vibration. It has increased my understanding of number symbols when I receive them for a client in a psychic vision.

John does not use software to perform his chart calculations and he doesn’t use one to interpret them, either. He believes, as did famous Numerologist, Juno Jordan, that a Numerologist must see the entire “Dance of the Numbers”. John uses the Pythagorean System of Numerology to interpret Numerology charts for his clients. Juno Jordan’s book, Numerology, the Romance in Your Name is a good manual for those who are new to Numerology. It lays down most of the basics of each calculation and its interpretation.

There are 3 calculations in Numerology chart that are considered core calculations. They have the most influence over us. The first is the Destiny calculation, followed by the Birth Force calculation and the Heart’s Desire Number. I have already given instruction on the Destiny and Birth Force number calculations and interpretations in my post on Defining the Master Number 11 in Numerology.

The Heart’s Desire Number is the 3rd  important core number. It is calculated by adding all of the vowels in your name together and reducing the total to a simple number from 1 to 9. This core number is sometimes referred to as the Soul’s Urge. I like that title better because it explains itself in the title. Since the soul cannot experience in the physical realm it couples with a spirit and a physical body. It gains desired experience from the physical realm through those 2 entities. I believe that we set all the circumstances of each lifetime prior to our birth in order to propel us towards the settling of important Karma. That settling of Karma is what is most important for the soul in each lifetime. When the Heart’s Desire Number is fulfilled we are filled with pleasure, joy and satisfaction. It gives our lives a sense of direction when we interpret the Heart’s Desire Number.

When all of the the consonants contained in each of our birth names are added together and reduced, we get what is called the Karmic Debt Number. This number  gives us a clue as to where our most important Karma lay. This, however, is a general marker because Karma can only be extinguished by our own free will. This calculation gives us a hint to the general area of important Karma for us.

The emergence of the the simple number 9 created beginnings and endings for us. As a result we are always somewhere in a 9-year cycle. This was determined at birth by our birth date. Each year that we are alive our cycle number changes by 1. This number is calculated by adding your birth month to your birthday and adding it to the current year. This number is known as a Personal Year Number. It is always beneficial to know where you are at in the never-ending cycle of the 9. It is especially important when you are in a 1 or a 9 Personal Year. You can make the best use of those numbers if you are aware of their current influence on you. The Personal Year Number begins to affect us 6 months before and after our birthday.

Juno Jordan knew that all of the individual numbers in your name were important. She called them “The Dance of the Numbers”.  And, so, we calculate how many times each of the simple numbers appear in our birth names. If any number appears more than 3 times in our names we must pay attention to it. Especially if it impacts our core numbers. For example, if you had a Birth Force Number 5 and you had a lot of 5’s in your names it increases the effect that the core number has on you. The more of any number that you have, the stronger the influence. 5, 6 or more of 1 number is very important.

John interprets your Numerology Chart and your Astrological charts in the one session. This creates a dynamic interpretation for you and provides you with a lot of insight. He believes that since the numbers and the planets have a strong influence on us they should be interpreted together in order to give us a bigger picture of the influences that you are vibrating upon. A phone session with him lasts for 1 1/2 to 2 hours. He records the session and forwards it to you through a large file sending web site. The cost is less or equal to the charge for an Astrology reading. John charges $275.00 for both chart interpretations. He can also do Karmic Past Life Astrology interpretations. Please contact me if you are interested in his services. For an additional $125.00 I sit in on the session and add my interpretation as it is sent to me by our spirit guides.

I hope you have enjoyed my posts on Numerology! Please come back often as I will be adding posts on more spiritual topics.

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