The Symbology of Colors

Color symbology is probably the oldest form of human symbology. It held significant meaning long before shapes, lines and pictures held symbolical connotation for early man. All of the varied hues found in nature triggered (and still do) many different emotional responses. One can only sit back and imagine what went through the simple, childlike minds of prehistoric man when he contemplated the beautiful colors of the sunset, flowers, animals and more. Early man sought to re-create these colors to provoke the emotional responses he desired in himself and others. Red, for example, could be worn to provoke anger and instill fear. Because we believed in magic-by-contagion, man thought that if he wore a color he became one with it and therefore shared the same qualities as well as the same consciousness with it.

Throughout our history colors have always held strong symbolical meaning for us. Although, some color symbology is purely cultural, there are meanings for colors that transcend cultural barriers. Red represents life in almost every culture; blue represents peace and openness; green represents new life and regeneration and on it goes with the rest of the color spectrum. When a symbol has the same meaning in every culture on Earth it is called a Universal symbol. These are the most important symbols of all. They relay the same meaning to each and every one of us.

We can safely say that color symbology is an inherent part of the human psyche. The emotional responses may differ, but they are all emotional responses, nonetheless. To ignore the responses that colors provoke is to ignore an important part of one’s self.

Color has played an important part in magical and religious ceremonies since time immemorial. Colors are used in magic to invoke certain natural forces for the betterment of the individual or the group. In candle burning, the lit, colored candle becomes a focal point on the altar. Its color is used as a trigger to tune the practitioner into the stream of energy that will produce the desired results of his/her ritual ceremony.

When I sit in a session with a client I receive color in psychic visions. Often, the colors in the psychic visions are shown in combination with other colors. Because I have studied symbology, I am able to interpret the colors that my spirit guides and my client’s spirit guides send to me during a psychic reading.

Beginning with my next post, I will interpret the symbolic meaning of the basic colors that spirit guides send in psychic visions.

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