The Symbolic Meaning of the Color Pink

Pink is the feminine version of the color red. Where red activates through physical energy and life force, pink accomplishes things in a more subtle way. Feminine power is more about the power of nurturing and love. It accomplishes things from the background but it is just as effective as Masculine power. Its power is hidden from view and is similar to the way that a human embryo develops unseen in its mothers womb.

Bright pinks, like the color red, stimulate energy, can increase the blood pressure, as well as respiration, heartbeat, and pulse rate.

Feminine symbols are called Lunar Symbols because the moon is a good symbol for the Feminine Principle. Our moon comes and goes but we know that it will always return even though it remains unseen for a while. That is the Feminine Principle: that which is hidden, that can be revealed and will be revealed. In this way it is also symbolic of the qualities of truth. Truth can be concealed but by its own nature, it cannot remain hidden forever.

Pink is symbolic of feminine energy, love, friendship, affection, harmony, gentleness, spiritual fulfillment, nurturing, caring, tenderness, acceptance and calmness.

Pink is used in rituals for the attraction of love and happiness. Whenever I see pink in a psychic vision for a client I know that it represents some feminine quality. It may indicate the birth of a baby girl or that a woman is going to be important in some way. The symbols that are associated with the color makes all the difference in its interpretation.

Pink is not a universal symbol for women or things that are feminine. It is only symbolic for that in the western world.

I still have quite a few more colors to define. I will continue to do that in my next post.

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