Understanding Tarot Cards as a Tool for Divination

Understanding Tarot Cards as a Tool for Divination

Understanding Tarot Cards as a Tool for Divination


In the past I put very little faith in the use of Tarot Cards as an accurate tool for divination. However, after meeting my partner John Scarano who has been a Tarot Card Reader for over forty years, I have definitely changed my mind about the accuracy of the Tarot and card reading in general.

Through John I have learned that Card Readers use each of the 78 cards in the Tarot deck as a psychic trigger. John has taught me that all of the cards in the deck ‘speak’ to him and that guides him in his interpretation. From there he ‘tunes in’ and receives more information for his client. This occurs for each Tarot card that appears in his client’s reading. It is fascinating to watch the process as John interprets each Tarot card one-by-one.

John also explained why a lot of American card readers use a standard card playing deck for readings instead of a Tarot deck. Our card playing decks are actually one part of the original decks that were drawn and colored by hand in the 1380’s for the Italian Aristocracy.

The Tarot was first comprised of 22 cards and was used in a card game that was played in all of the courts in Italy at the time. These cards were called the Major Arcana. The card game was called Tarocchi. Eventually, 56 cards were added to the deck and they were known as the Minor Arcana. The French began to use them for divination in the late 1700’s and renamed them ‘The Tarot’.

Our standard 52-card playing deck is comprised of all but four cards of the Minor Arcana from the card deck. The 4 missing Tarot cards are the Pages. And that is why a standard card playing deck can be used for accurate readings! The suits in American deck are identical to the Tarot; the suit of Cups = Hearts, Coins = Diamonds, Wands = Clubs and Swords = Spades. Unfortunately, the American card readers are missing the most important part of the Tarot deck. They are missing the Major Arcana and when any of those 22 cards appear in a Tarot Reading they speak of very important things.

So, the next time you go for a Tarot or American Card Reading you now know more about what the reader is doing! And, as a result, that will definitely help you to get a more accurate Tarot and/or American Card Reading.

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