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Cheri Mancuso has been a Celebrity California Psychics for more than 35 years. She has been on several radio & television shows in California and worldwide.
Cheri started her career in Los Angeles in the early 1980’s and became nationally known as the California Psychics that tells it like it is. Cheri also worked with Police and FBI agents to help solve crime. As her fame grew, people sought her advice on personal matters as well as corporations working to help solve company problems. Her gift of sixth sight opened up the world to seek her advice on love. Cheri became the number one California Psychics working with law enforcement.

Cheri sees and is known as a psychic / medium, a seer and visionary. Celebrities in California and New York sought Cheri as a guru to their career and their private love problems; they came to see the best California Psychics around as her reputation grew.

Cheri started out as Psychic in California and now gives psychic readings to people from around the world. TV and Radio reached out to Cheri looking for the top Celebrity California Psychic to appear on their Television shows. Cheri teaches metaphysical classes training many future California Psychics who have become to be very successful harnessing their psychic skills.

Cheri also gained a reputation that she could and would be totally private about celebrity secrets.
To contact Cheri Mancuso for a private reading, you can contact her through her website She does psychic readings phone and in person psychic readings.
For a psychic astrology horoscope or Numerology charts, her Partner John does private sessions.
For more information on Cheri, go to

If you live in Los Angeles finding California Psychics is not an easy task as there is lot of fake psychics, Cheri’s reputation speaks for her, and 90% of Cheri’s psychic clientele comes from word of mouth.

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